Ten Life Lessons I Learned From Stogie T For His 40th Birthday

Stogie T Life Lessons

“I make lines speak to the heart of the darkness, everything’s hidden, unless you’re listening with your conscious, take and revisit them lyrics to feel the content.” The greatest emcee from Africa turns 40 years old today. Boitumelo Molekane was born on 16 August 1981 in Tanzania where his parents were exiled. Since then, the […]

Love & SA Hip Hop – Our Valentine’s Picks

It’s that time of year again when your timeline is filled with either cynical thoughts on the capitalist drive behind Valentine’s Day or the sweet mushy stuff between lovers celebrating each other. Hip Hop is not averse to the mushy stuff, the rappers usually don’t wanna let you know that they’re some of the biggest […]

The Sobering Podcast: Stogie T

The Sobering Podcast team is back with another riveting episode. They sit down with Stogie T (Tumi Molekane) and discuss his rebrand, what went down at the SAHHA ceremony, his twitter persona and explore what it means to be an OG in SA hip hop.

Stogie T Drops Honey & Pain

Following the release of the Stogie T album, Stogie T is back with a brand new single titled Honey & Pain. The enthralling single features New York vocalist Mike Classic. Stream Honey and Pain below.

[VIDEO] Stogie T Drops ‘Son Of A Soldier’ Video

Stogie T has dropped the official video music video for Son of a Soldier.  Lyrically, the song is impeccably crafted, with each line painting a vivid image of the consequences of Apartheid, exile, struggle and loss.

Does socially conscious hip hop have a market in today’s culture?

Words by Mercia Tucker  “It was the first dominant rap group with the most dominant MC saying something that meant something.” Chuck D said this of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s The Message. The recreation room of the apartment building at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the West Bronx is listed by the New York […]