[Video] K.O Drops ‘Swagganova’

Although many had written him off, the Skhanda King K.O is back with a vengeance. His sophomore album hasn’t done the numbers that his debut did but it has made a statement nevertheless. The statement is: don’t be too quick to write off one of the most gifted hip hop artists SA has ever produced. […]

[VIDEO] Moozlie Drops ‘Bum Bum’ feat. Gemini Major

Nomuzi aka Moozlie has been putting in serious work in preparation of her debut album which is due in the next few months through her own label Nomuzi Mabena Music. Her latest single titled “Bum Bum” features the No.1 Rudebuoy Gemini Major. The joint has a very catchy and sexy ragga vibe with Gemini holding […]

Loot Love and DJ Speedsta – The Future of Radio

Lootlove, Speedsta, Cover

I can remember exactly where I was the first time I heard Skwatta Kamp’s Umoya. I can remember exactly where I was, exactly what I was doing, and – in that moment – exactly how it made me feel. That raw and rugged sound offset with Relo’s sweet vocals stopped me in my tracks and […]