Riky Rick

Riky Rick: A Supreme Reign

A star was born with Riky Rick. One that commanded the attention of every room he walked into, one that demanded the respect of every stage he filled. If his

Riky Rick's Best Tracks

A Guide to 15 of Riky Rick’s Best Tracks

It’s been nearly two months since the passing of beloved South African artist Riky Rick. The family of Rikhado ‘Riky Rick’ Makhado shared with the rest of the world the

SA Hip Hop Dead

Ego Will Be The Death of SA Hip Hop

At this point, it’s almost an old adage that hip hop is a young man’s sport. While a few anomalies exist, in the form of active rappers in their 40s

HHP Lyricist

HHP, The Unsung Lyricist

September 14th – two of some of hip hop’s greatest lyricists were born on this day. The one was born in 1973, in Crown Heights, central in the Brooklyn borough

Ranking The 30 Best Khuli Chana Songs

Khuli Chana is enjoying a second act of sorts. All within the first half of 2021, he has had two pivotal moments already. His towering performance on Stino Le Thenny’s