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Moonchild Sanelly – A Dream Chaser

Sanelisiwe Twisha sits cross-legged on the floor of her apartment, looking up as she speaks to me. While her physical demeanour in the moment is seemingly diminutive and antithetical to the large personality that’s a hallmark of her brand, in that moment, there’s nothing about her that doesn’t exude power. There’s a joie de vivre […]

Notes & Noise is here

Episode 1 of “Notes & Noise” is here.  A podcast hosted by Mercia Tucker, it sees her waxing lyrical about all things South African hip hop once a month as she attempts to separate the noteworthy from the noise. This episode sees Sabelo Mkhabela and Tseliso Monaheng occupying the hot seats in a cornucopia of thoughtful analysis, witty […]