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Sipho the Gift releases “Bloom”

Just 11 minutes long, Sipho the Gift’s new EP packs a heavy punch. Of releasing music during this time, he said “It feels weird to say but one of the freedoms we still do have the joy of sharing music. The BLOOM EP is about celebrating growth and transformation and just having fun with music.” […]

Who Gon Stop 2Lee Stark?

“Bang’ biz’ uJomo cause isono how I get it in” is one of the lines that turn your head when listening to 2Lee Stark’ s “Who Gon Stop Me”. The hubris anthem isn’t unwarranted: you can ask the question of one of SA’s best freestyle rappers but you’d come up short for an answer. The […]

Luna Florentino drops a new single off his new EP, 10AM In Auckland Park

He’s back at it again. Last year saw Luna release a single every Monday off his Fresh Prince of Rustenburg mixtape and called it Mariachi Mondays. Wanting people to take their time with the music and experience it differently, he’s taken a similar approach with his new EP, Ten Times Better. He released the first […]