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2Lee Stark Drops “OWN IT” track for Jabari

Youth Month is a celebration of boundless energy that young people radiate in this country. Following the success of Jabari’s collaboration with upcoming rap artist 2Lee Stark, he will be dropping his latest offering, a Hip Hop song titled “Own It” for Jabari. The song was inspired by 2Lee’s partnership with Edgars Active and has also been used in unearthing talent throughout the country with the Jabari #FreeYourStyle challenge.

 The talented 26-year-old has been making waves in the music industry with his current club banger “Off Boys”, will collaborate with multi-talented dancer, Bontle Modiselle, and soccer freestyle champion, Chris Njokwana, in creating the expressive visual content.  The #FreeYourStyle campaign, is currently running and has been well received by consumers so far. Winners in each of the categories will star in the ‘Own It’ music video, later this year.

The song, produced by the talented duo TIA, consisting of Stephen Kent and Michael Ngulube, has a catchy, urban beat and witty lyrics. The song is a celebration of the youth spirit and hustle that 2Lee Stark has been known for.

“Creating the track has been absolutely dope – I have been able to showcase my skills and been given creative leeway to come up with a dope track. The track is still very much 2Lee Stark and still very authentic to my own sound and I know it’s something that the fans will love,” said 2Lee Stark.

“Creativity is at the core of Jabari and the collaboration with 2Lee Stark allows us to create the platform for the talented youth to showcase their skills. Together with our #FreeYourStyle competition, we hope to bolster upcoming talent and catapult them into the limelight” said Zane Alley, Marketing Manager at Edgars Active.

The tag line of the brand “Own It” celebrates the youthful spirit that excels at being true to itself and the pursuit to live the best life possible despite challenges.

Listen to the track below:

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