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AKA Khuli Chana Prada

AKA Releases New Single “Prada” Featuring Khuli Chana Ahead Of New Album Release Mass Country

Continuing his orbit into a return to form, AKA has released the third single (“Lemons (Lemonade)” and “Paradise” were the first and second singles) off his highly anticipated upcoming album Mass Country, simply titled “Prada”. The song, co-produced by AKA, Christer, Zadok and FĎ, is built around a recognisable house (dance/electronic) sample of the song “Darlin” by Knee Deep that found popularity in South Africa in 2009 off the Soul Candi: Session 4 (Mixed by Euphonik) compilation. The song originally appeared on the 2008 EP by the German music ensemble Knee Deep called Big Love

Just like he alluded to in his 2022 mammoth comeback single “Lemons (Lemonade)” when he rapped “Dark days friends were few, it’s alright, turn that pain to fuel to survive, now I’m stronger…”, on “Prada”, he sneaks in similar sentiments when he raps, “North side, shit happens, that’s life, phoenix rise from ashes, let’s ride”. These all speak to the tumultuous happenings that have plagued his private life in recent times and can be seen as him being fully aware and acknowledging just how much he still has to be resolute amidst everything, as he contends with how his life has turned out.

“Prada” features early frequent collaborator, rap veteran Khuli Chana who drops a standout suave verse, as he’s usually known to do. The two famously collaborated on AKA’s debut single “I Want It All”, also featuring the late PRO, off AKA’s first album, 2011’s Alter Ego, as well as on “Bang” from the same album. They would go on to have a successful collaborative relationship as they collaborated on AKA’s hit single “Baddest” alongside Burna Boy and Yanga Chief, as well as on Khuli Chana’s posse cut “Hape Le Hape (Part 1)” off Khuli’s sophomore album, 2012’s Lost In Time.

Mass Country will be AKA’s fourth solo album and his first since the release of his 2018’s third album Touch My Blood. Since that time, he has released a string of mildly successful singles and projects, including an EP (2020’s Bhovamania) and two collaboration albums with ANATII (2017’s Be Careful What You Wish For) and Costa Titch (2021’s You’re Welcome), respectively. The album is slated for a 24 February release.

Listen to “Prada” by AKA featuring Khuli Chana below:

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