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Blxckie releases his R&B rooted EP 4LUV to celebrate the month of love

Following his successful run in 2021, Blxckie has started this year on a similarly high note, releasing a project in the first quarter. 4LUV is a 6-track EP that finds the artist exploring his R&B side. Consisting of love songs, the EP was appropriately released on 18 February, during a time that’s colloquially known as the month of love. The first single is the London Rhodes produced “cold”.
In his debut album B4NOW, Blxckie showed his R&B chops, particularly on the much loved “HOLD”. Speaking at the launch of 4LUV, about his current single “cold” and how it relates to “HOLD”, he said: “”cold” is more of an opposite side of “HOLD”. It’s more about just realising stuff – like, my rounds or other people’s rounds, other people’s stories – it’s about a guy admitting to his mistakes, also admitting that it’s toxicity that’s running the relationship. I think it’s a dope song and everybody’s enjoying it.”
The sole feature in the EP is vocalist Nicole Elocin, who contributes on the opening song, “fortune teller”. From there, Blxckie performs by himself throughout the project, singing on all songs, with no rapped verses. He does such an impressive job that it prompted some listeners to express that Blxckie may never actually have to rap a verse again, as his R&B persona is so stellar.
Speaking at the launch, he elaborated on his decision to release 4LUV in February, saying: “”HOLD” came out last year on Valentine’s Day and it was even before I came up with the album. So, after seeing that it is the anniversary of one of those crazy love songs that I have, I decided that let me just give something a little more expanded, just to give the full story behind “HOLD” and every other love song I have out. Also, I just feel at this time of the year, people are just ready to hear something like that.”
“umoya” is a heartfelt Zulu song love song where Blxckie declares his undying love to his love interest. It’s slow tempo groove, with a hidden amapiano drum-kit that permeates. The closing song is the piano acoustic layered “your all”, where Blxckie acknowledges the many hardships his relationship has gone through, mostly caused by him but he hopes to overcome them. He sings, “Feels like I’ve been so oblivious, you cut yourself for me, I see the loss…So many open wounds but I’m still holding on, holding on, I need to see you soon, oh girl it’s been too long, been too long… we’ve been it through all, my back to the wall, you give it your all, we fight through it all…”
Listen to Blxckie’s 4LUV EP below:

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