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DJ Switch and PDotO Join Forces on New Mixtape ‘Like Water’

DJ Switch and PDotO get together to deliver an impressive body of work in the form of a 7-track mixtape curiously titled Like Water. From the interlude tucked in the opening song, the mixtape title was derived from this  “be as water my friend” Bruce Lee speech, which pretty much is centred on the idea that one should be able to adapt to any situation and circumstances, to be flexible in both mind and body. It’s about not being rigid and stubborn in one’s beliefs, practices, understanding. It’s about being open-minded and able to change and adapt to the circumstances we are put into.

With this idea and theme in mind, it therefore comes as no surprise that the mixtape plays like a slight departure from the sound and subject matter PDotO has generally been known for. Instead of the usually mellow and soulful soundscapes he revels in, Like Water is high octane from beginning to end, with an energised PDotO marshalling each track with a steady and sure footed flow and swagger. DJ Switch’s presence also adds an element of gusto as his shout outs and announcements permeate throughout the project.

The beats on Like Water are hard hitting, the features work really well (Ceazor is a gem) and PDotO is in a rare, nonchalant form that sees him employing a much more fluid and lucid flow. It’s a tape that shows adaptability, which is further stated by DJ Switch when he declares that his vision for it was for a cross-pollination between the old and the new.

Listen to Like Water below:

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