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Elon Musk (yes, Elon Musk) has a new track out

He’s a tech billionaire by day and a recording artist by night. Oh, you didn’t know that Elon Musk releases music? Let us introduce you to “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe,” the 48 year old CEO of Tesla’s latest track. The artwork features Tesla’s latest model, the Cybertruck, and Musk goes by the moniker E ā€œDā€ M. What could that D possibly stand for?

If “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe” doesn’t tickle your fancy, “RIP Harambe” might do it for you. Musk’s first single, it was released in 2019, and is an ode to Harambe, the gorilla shot and killed by the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016. Oh, the influence that Grimes has had on him. Take a listen to that gem below.

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