Hanna’s debut mixtape, The Girl in the Durag, is a perfect musical introduction

A voice note of Luna Florentino is on the mixtape-opener saying “You can’t prove to anybody that you’re dope if you’re the only person that knows that you’re dope. … But for everyone else to see it too, they gotta hear your shit. So I can’t wait for your shit to drop.” He goes on to feature on “Bad Habits” as the two go bar-for-bar in one of the best tracks on the mixtape.

Hanna took up the challenge, and after releasing the title track and “Low Key” a few weeks back, she’s has gone all the way and dropped the full project, a mixtape titled The Girl in the Durag today. One of the most sonically and lyrically robust projects we’ve heard in a while, one almost wishes she dropped it as her debut album.

An alumnus of Tall Racks Records’ “Lift As You Rise” competition, Nasty C referred to her as ‘the girl in the durag’ during the competition and she’s adopted it as her alias since. “Young, black, queer, and invested/ With lines that could line the finest shit/ Blessed with a mind that don’t mind the times when it’s tested/ I’m the worst one you could ever mess with,” her confidence isn’t misplaced on a project that – if you haven’t heard of her yet – is the best introduction of this artist you could possibly get.

Check out The Girl in the Durag below.

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