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Joey2.0 Wears His Heart On His Sleeve On Concept EP ‘I Can Explain’

Talented MC and vocalist Joey2.0 released his concept EP I Can Explain on 19 August 2022. The concise project boasts only 5 songs all centred around the concept of him attempting to explain himself in the context of a failed/failing romantic relationship. In his own words, he says “The backstory of the EP is that its focus is on the flaws of men in modern relationships.”

On the first song, “Chances”, he’s regretful as he sings How could a thousand lies not cover up one truth, my bad, I should have tried harder, but if you let me go, I hope the pain goes too, I know we can’t stay together… one more chance is all I ask from you, even though I can’t promise my heart is yours forever…”. “Let Me Explain”, the title track, follows and finds him still lamenting the demise of the relationship.

Joey writes with a candid vulnerability that seems to be a characteristic he makes an effort to present genuinely. It’s sweet and endearing when he sings and much more piercing when raps. “Trouble” finds him a little more venomous as he raps, “If you gave me a 100 rand for the times I done dodge a bullet from a woman, I’ll be at a 100 grand, I’m assuming I can’t even come in last when I’m moving, Should’ve known that she was on a mission, Here to cause a ruin and got the body just to prove it…” As we get to the midpoint of the brief project, Joey seems to have reached the ‘anger’ stage of grief, having started out at the ‘bargaining’ stage with the first two songs. “Heaven” is his ‘acceptance’ stage. At the end, he circles back to the denial stage on the EP closer “Can’t Let Go”.

I Can Explain is a well thought out effort by Joey2.0. It’s not too ambitious but it illustrates his ability to zone in on an idea and execute it as best as he can. Far from being a novice, the Nigerian born and South African raised MC has received plaudits from esteemed MCs such as Blaklez, Maglera Doe Boy & Indigo Stella – with a heavy co-sign from Stogie T, for his 2019 debut mixtape Outta The Galaxy.

Listen to I Can Explain below:

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