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Kimosabe Thato Feels

Kimosabe And ThatoFeels Are Wary Of Love In Their New Single “Fell In Luv”

Kimosabe reunites with fellow artist and Kimosabe Production’s labelmate, Thato Feels, on the anthemic “Fell In Luv”. The two artists share ruminations on love, as they declare their reluctance to get into it.

Their wariness is caused by what seems to be past experiences that didn’t go so well. ThatoFeels sings, “Don’t want my little heart to break, I know it’s a game but I was never here to play, don’t you go making that mistake of treating me like trash thinking that I’m gonna stay…”. Kimosabe shares the same scepticism as he sings, “You want me to love you now and you’ll only let me down, you’d end up ruling me if I gave you the crown…”

The composition of the song’s instrumentation is underscored by loud eerie synths that crash into a boisterous guitar riff at the refrain. An overarching metaphor that the two artists make in the song is likening falling in love to being highly intoxicated, so much so that one’s actions are compromised. This metaphor is illustrated in the accompanying music video of the song.

The song is released with the support of the SAMRO Music Creation Support Fund – an initiative by the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO), which is aimed at alleviating the on-going pandemic by stimulating the creation of music. Kimosabe, real name Siviwe Nkanyuza, is a recipient of the fund, along with 99 other music creators who received it.

Listen to Kimosabe & ThatoFeels’ “Fell In Luv” below and watch the music video here:

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