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L-Tido Pressure

Listen to L-Tido’s 4-track EP, Pressure

After announcing a couple of months ago that he was still ironing out a few business issues, L-Tido has finally released some new music. While it’s not a full length project, Pressure, L-Tido’s newest project is a delightful 4-track package that features the likes of AKA, Stogie T and new singing sensation Wunda.

On the first song “Never Be Me”, Tido is full on flexing on how he can never be like all these other lame niggas, rapping, “Take a glance at me baby, my stance all wavy, I’m a big deal no if ands and maybes, I’m a type of man that set trends on the daily, you the type of man that puts hands on a lady, niggas talk like hoes, that could never be me, bitches over bros, that could never be me, under pressure never fold, that could never be me, you sell your soul, that could never be me…”

The second song, “Tell Me Yes” is a vibey R&B tinged cut that features AKA where the two emcees glide on some cool shit. The third song “Mahaya” sounds like it lifted off Tupac’s “Do For Love” instrumental, which itself was a sample of Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do For Love”. The project closes out with the soulful and jazzy deep cut, “Ghetto” that features a stellar performance by the Lesotho born vocalist Wunda as well as Stogie T. Tido and Stog’ trade bars about the ghetto, painting pictures about the hardships of coming up in the ghetto, beating the odds and still being proud of the dirt one comes from.

Listen to L-Tido’s Pressure below: 

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