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MashBeatz This is Religion

MashBeatz Releases His Producer Compilation Album THIS IS RELIGION

At this point, MashBeatz is an undeniable household name in South African hip hop. He has come a long from being an inhouse producer for one crew out of PTA, to becoming a fully fledged independent and highly sought after producer whose name rings bells in the streets and his hand reaches across the entire game. Following the collaborative album with Thato Saul, 2021’s IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW, he returns with a star studded compilation album produced entirely by him.

THIS IS RELIGION is an eclectic mix that’s mostly hip hop, with a presence of R&B/Soul and a tinge of amapiano-esque grooves. Appearances from frequent collaborators Maglera Doe Boy, Thato Saul, Wordz and Marcus Harvey populate the album, with some welcomed new collaborations with the likes of Tyson Sybatelli, Joda Kgosi, KLY and Una Rams – amongst others.

Maglera Doe Boy opens up the album on “OPTIMISTIK” effortlessly spitting a great verse, along with Wordz, as the two emcees introduce the famed producer – fondly referred to as The President. A few of the artists take part in posse cuts, such as it’s the case on “AFTER THE WAR”, which puts Tyson Sybatelli, Thato Saul, Halo Yagami, Teerage and Black Myth together. Showing his versatility as a producer, Mash hands excellent R&B/Soul cuts to Una Rams and Tron Pyre for “CANNOT STOP ME!!!”, as well as to Joda Kgosi for “JODA’S INTERLUDE”. “NEVER RIDE” and its remix finally find a home on the album as well.

THIS IS RELIGION is a stellar compilation album and serves as a breath of fresh air considering that elite producers don’t release such any more. Listen to the album below:

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