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Nadia Nakai Back In

Nadia Nakai is “Back In” with the release of her new single

Nadia Nakai marks her return to music with the new single “Back In”. She describes it as “trap Hip Hop song, a feel-good song, a song I think people would like to hear in the clubs.”

She continues, “The reason why the song is named ‘Back In’ is because I had to take some time off music, and slowed down a bit, and now I am back in, I’m back in the game, back in the swing of things, working and getting my bag and focusing on the things that I want in life. It’s a song to motivate people who have experienced a speed bump on their journey, something that derails their plans and they choose to take a step back, recuperate and to readjust and think before they come Back In.”

The single is accompanied by a music video. Stream “Back In” by Nadia Nakai on your favourite DSP and watch the video below.

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