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Reebok Celebrates 50 Years of Hip Hop with an Exclusive Track by DJ Ready D and YoungstaCPT

Reebok made a resounding return to the world of hip hop with its highly anticipated event, Back Like We Never Left, which went down on 7 December 2023. To mark the occasion and celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip hop, the brand collaborated with hip hop heavyweights, DJ Ready D and YoungstaCPT, on the release of a new track, Back Like I Never Left, available on select streaming platforms from 8 December 2023.

The Back Like We Never Left event was a tribute to the golden days of hip hop while also celebrating its present and future. Paying homage to the genre’s 50-year history, the event invited attendees to explore the eras that shaped the culture in real-time. A massive highlight was the debut of Back Like I Never Left, by DJ Ready D and YoungstaCPT.

Steve Young, Reebok Marketing Manager, shares his insights on the song’s relevance, stating, “The song resonates deeply with Reebok’s own narrative. We can look forward to Reebok showing up and contributing more into local and global hip hop culture, just as we’ve seen through the decades.” Speaking on the choice of DJ Ready D and YoungstaCPT, Young adds: “We’re not just celebrating a return—we’re acknowledging our past, present and future in hip hop. No one embodies this journey better than Grand Master Ready D, having pioneered through it all. Together with YoungstaCPT at the pinnacle of SA hip hop, we’re proud to bring Reebok’s narrative to life in a timeless track.”

YoungstaCPT also shared his thoughts on the collaboration and Reebok’s role in hip hop culture, quoting Notorious B.I.G—”Who thought hip hop would take it this far?” On the relationship between brands and artists, he adds, “Music introduced us to brands through cultural icons like Jay Z and 50 Cent. As we grew older and understood that relationship, it became a huge moment for us when Reebok assisted us in paying homage to 50 Years of Hip Hop by doing a collaboration with the Pioneer Grandmaster Ready D.”

“Collaborations between artists and brands like Reebok play a crucial role in supporting the local creative industry. They bring value, creative freedom, and a story that resonates with local fans and consumers.” On the importance of hip hop-focused events like Back Like We Never Left, he says, “The genre still has a long way to go, and more events like these are needed to contribute to its sustainability. It paves a way for the next generation to fulfill their dream within the culture of music, art and street fashion. We hope audiences embrace not only the moment but appreciate the local musicians we have at home and support their collaborations and businesses.”

Back Like We Never Left was all about celebrating hip hop’s influence and Reebok’s part in shaping its history and Back Like I Never Left by DJ Ready D and YoungstaCPT is a continuation of that vision. Check out Back Like I Never Left here.

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