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Sammie Heavens

Sammie Heavens’ foray into rap is a confident one

Sammie Heavens, popularly known as Nasty C’s girlfriend, has made a foray into hip hop and released an EP titled July. The EP comes as somewhat of a surprise but not entirely, because after all, she’s dating one of the foremost rappers in South African hip hop, Nasty C, so it’s within reason to believe that the rapping bug may have bit her as a result.

The EP is a short and sweet experimental project with four tracks that each run little under 2min : 30sec. The production is excellent, complete with thumping beats that spot 808s, synths and hard-hitting drums. What steals the show is Sammie’s actual rapping as she sounds quite confident in the songs. She is clearly practiced and well-aware of her aptitude at this early stage of her career.

Nasty’s involvement in the EP sounds minimal, with his voice only being heard on “Praise God” but one can safely assume that his contributions and influence, whether direct or indirect, go further than that.  

Until now, Sammie had only shared her poems on TikTok and Instagram and after fans enjoyed them, she was seemingly compelled to post videos of her rapping on the same platforms. In a recent YouTube broadcast, Heavens told her followers that she had been focusing on “poetry and music”.
The young lady, who is also a model, continued, saying she was nervous to share the music with the world but was proud. “I’m a little bit scared about how you guys are going to react when I start dropping music because my songs are so different from each other and I’m proud of everything else but I hope you guys want it.”
Listen to July below:

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