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Steers Respek Nation Presents TTGO – The Pitori Invasion

Charismatic rapper, TTGO, rose to fame on The Hustle and is forging an inspired career as a breakthrough act. TTGO represents a fascinating new breed of artists emerging from Pretoria’s creative scene which is cultivating a unique musical identity, distinct Pitori lexicon and cultural ethos. The DNA of the contemporary Pitori artist is invigorating, a […]

Steers’ Respek Nation presents J Molley – The New Wave

J Molley is different. And by that I’m not referring to the fact that he’s a white kid in a game dominated by black rappers. The Internet Boy, as he is fondly known by his peers, is an extremely bright kid. Nerdy even. The home-schooled rapper waxes lyrical about everything from cartoons to business to […]

Steers Respek Nation presents Shane Eagle – Leader of the New School

Game-changing moments are often only recognised and appreciated in retrospect. When is the exact moment a rap icon is born? When does an artist transcend from being a great rapper to being recognised as a legend? How do we decide who’s got next? And who decides – gatekeepers?  Which gatekeepers? Fellow artists? The Fans..?  South […]