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AKA Paradise

[VIDEO] Watch AKA’s Music Video For His Latest Single “Paradise”

Gearing up for a 2023 first quarter album release, AKA releases the second single off the forthcoming album. “Paradise”, featuring renowned amapiano star Musa Keys and Ghanaian songbird Gyakie, is a slow tempoed love song that furthers AKA’s inclination for romantic songs. The song finds Super Mega expressing his frustration that despite all the sweet things he does for his love interest, he still receives complaints that it’s not enough. He sings, “I took you to paradise, I gave you Diamond Walk, roses for Valentine, you still want so much more, miss me with soppy stories, kiss me with love in the morning…”.

Speaking about the inspiration for “Paradise”, AKA shared; “”Paradise” is a song that I wrote after having a fight with my girlfriend on valentine’s day, the fight is the genesis of where the track came from. It’s about pressing the reset button with your partner when you argue, just saying you’ve held me down, let’s wipe the slate clean and make things right.”

“Paradise” follows the highly successful “Lemons (Lemonade)“, which was released as the first single. Featuring Nasty C, the song took the country by storm, going as far as reaching one million views in a short span of time. Rivalled only by K.O’s much loved hit “SETE”, “Lemons (Lemonade)” enjoyed immense popularity so much so many believe that it is the song bringing AKA back to the upper echelons of the industry for those who believe that he was falling off. Only time will tell whether “Paradise” continues the momentum. The music video is a studio shoot depicting AKA and his collaborators having fun as they sing the song in the presence of beautiful ladies in some scenes.

Watch the music video for “Paradise” here and listen to the song below:

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