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The Assembly

[VIDEO]Watch The Assembly’s Latest Music Video “Set Y’all Straight”

Gauteng-based rap group The Assembly, consisting of rappers Captain, Lebo Mochudi and Melly-Mel, have released the music video for their latest collaboration single “Set Y’all Straight” with American producer Tone Spliff. Based in Los Angeles, California, Tone Spliff has released the track as part of the numerous singles the producer has been releasing for the year.
The song and music video illustrate the chemistry amongst the three emcees, as they all go back and forth in patterns of four bars each. Their synergy is palpable as they each weave in at the perfect drop from where the last emcee ended their rhyme. Tone Spliff also makes a few cameo appearances, mouthing off some of the lyrics, making the location of the music video a GP and LA affair.
The Assembly is working to release an upcoming full-length project titled The Orientation LP soon and with a performance like the one on “Set Y’all Straight”, there’s little doubt that the supergroup will deliver.
Watch the Tone Spliff – “Set Y’all Straight” Ft. The Assembly video here:

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