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Visionary Women Are Celebrated This Month With Apple Music

It’s Women’s Month and Apple Music is celebrating visionary women with playlists from the country’s leading female artists, influencers and personalities. The 15 phenomenal Mzansi women are Elaine, Nadia Nakai, Boity, Sha Sha, Nandi Madida, Loot Love, Holly Rey, Sarah Langa, Kefilwe Mabote, Mihlali Ndamase, Kim Jayde, Bernice West, Christia Visser, Ama Qamata, and Natasha Thahane.

“I grew up listening to R&B so these songs are a mixture of some good classics and some new music from my absolute favs!!! I listen to them mostly to boost my confidence or just to celebrate female artists that are absolutely killing the game right now. Hope you all enjoy!” – Ama Qamata

“These are the woman that pushed the boundaries of being a versatile woman since the 1960s,” she tells Apple Music. “I’m thankful for them leaving their mark in more than just this industry, so that I and many other women like me can be free to do what we love.” – Bernice West

“These are the queens that raised me, cheered and motivated me through my toughest days, celebrated some of my memorable milestones with me and inspired me daily.” – Boity

“Each of these female artists inspire me, all for different reasons,” she tells Apple Music. “The Passion in her voice, the honesty of her lyrics, her fearless approach to being different…whatever it might be, I thank them for the mark that they have left on me.” – Christia Visser

“In celebration of Women’s Day, I have put together a playlist of women whom I not only grew up listening to, but young women in music too, who I love and respect. Listening to their music makes me feel powerful, inspired, beautiful and reassures me that I am capable of achieving anything and everything.” – Elaine

“These songs are all by badass women who make me feel like a badass woman who can take on the world. All these incredible female artists have influenced my music and what I represent as a female artist in some way. These are songs that I personally listen to to get myself ready to take on my days with confidence and power, song that make me feel empowered. We are women and WE ARE POWERFUL!” – Holly Rey

“A playlist showcasing the phenomenal female artists I listen to everyday. With an array of both local and international music, this playlist speaks to the core of who I am. A light-hearted and fun playlist to get my hips moving and me humming away. I love it’s diversity, it’s tempo and rhythmic beats which sure gets one dancing. As a lover of Afrobeats, house music and Amapiano, this playlist resonates with my personality!”  – Kefilwe Mabote

“A full-on girl power playlist that spans from Tracy Chapman and Whitney Houston to local South African Queens like Shekhinah, Rouge and Nomuzi. This playlist is uplifting and empowering and will make you wanna sing out loud.! To all my sisters – wear your crown proudly!” – Kim Jayde

“Women are multi-faceted, complex and divine beings. When you put their vocals on a song, they take you on an unimaginable journey. I wanted to put together a house playlist, that reminds me of home, Port Elizabeth: where I grew up around the most intelligent, powerful and divine women. I hope this playlists takes you on a beautiful &  emotional journey that can only be explained by the powerful female voices on all of my favorite house tracks. Power to the female voice.” – Lootlove

“The music chosen above is true representation of my taste in music, and my ability to appreciate the various genres offerings by women. I’ve included a number of black women who inspire, because for as long as we can remember black women have been silenced. It’s inspiring to see black women succeed in their respective fields, through their art they’re able to empower young black women.” – Mihlali Ndamase

“The women I chose for my playlist range from music I grew up listening to like India Arie, Erykah Badu and Tracy Chapman to the fierce women I listen to today like Saweetie, Megan Thee Stallion and Snoh Aalegra.  They’ve shaped my personality and confidence and have been the soundtrack to many monumental moments in my life, like a first kiss, first date or first cry and heartbreak…” – Nadia Nakai

“This playlist was inspired by how versatile, dynamic and strong women truly are, and how I’m inspired by different women from all walks of life. We need to celebrate how colourful we are as a gender and that we can conquer anything by being uniquely and unapologetically ourselves”. – Nandi Madida

“I chose the playlist because it shows different seasons in one’s life. There’s a song for all moods and experiences from breakups to success to inspiring to motivating self. Being a visionary woman is about narrating your own story. Telling it your way and passing it on to the generations that will come after you.” – Natasha Thahane

“Dedicating this playlist to all the women who are drowning… For women, by women. We dance in the fire, rise to the beat, our ashes turn everything into gold” – Sarah Langa

“Some remind me when I went through a heartbreak, others serve the purpose to uplift me when I am generally down. You will also find some good stuff which works well when I am partying with the girls,” she tells Apple Music. “All in all, these are all beautiful songs from beautiful and powerful women.” – Sha Sha

Check out the playlists below.

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