A tale of two cats: PUMA x Garfield

PUMA Garfield

PUMA and iconic comic strip character GARFIELD are teaming up for a debut collection for both adults and kids where the two cats join forces. Inspired by the beloved cartoon cat and his love of food, the collection is all about the PUMA x GARFIELD market, offering delicious treats for hungry cats. Playful designs for […]

Nanette is on an emotionally tumultuous journey with ‘Bad Weather’

Nanette Bad Weather

Nanette is a 20-something Durban-born R&B singer eager to make her mark in the South African music scene. To that end, the Universal Music Group signee has just released her debut album, titled Bad Weather. The 9-track project runs a little under 30 minutes and has been described as “an exercise in finding refuge in […]

Tyson Sybateli makes a case for album of the year with ‘Home’

Tyson Sybateli Home

With Home, Tyson Sybateli has a very strong case for (one of?) the best SA hip hop albums of 2022. While it might be too early to tell, the project will surely be in the conversation. For such a larger than life sounding emcee, it’s a wonder why he is seemingly such a lesser known […]