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Tyson Sybateli Home

Tyson Sybateli makes a case for album of the year with ‘Home’

With Home, Tyson Sybateli has a very strong case for (one of?) the best SA hip hop albums of 2022. While it might be too early to tell, the project will surely be in the conversation. For such a larger than life sounding emcee, it’s a wonder why he is seemingly such a lesser known player in the evergreen Pretoria rap scene.

Home is an incredibly well done project that will surely impress fervent fans who have always been hip to the emcee, as well new listeners who are only becoming aware of him now. Considering that it is his latest offering after a handful of projects such as 2019’s SYBA and 2021’s Dulce and Eve, one can tell that he is a seasoned emcee and overall artist with a firm grasp of what exactly he is doing and what he aims for.

Tyson holds his own alongside a handful of high level artists he features on the album – whether it be rapping or singing. On “If Found, Bring Home” he audaciously raps, “When you drop a song with Wordz and talk to IMP like every week/ Niggas wonder if you’re gonna have a song with A-Reece/ Will you do a song with Jody? Is the beat from MashBeatz?/ I’m in Marcus Harvey’s kitchen eating ribs jamming beats…”. Jay Jody is featured on this song as well and drops one of his best verses in a long time.

Thato Soul also delivers an impressive performance with a stellar verse on “Home & Away Games” but it has to be said that Tyson’s presence is so immense that he can’t be eclipsed. He writes and raps with an assured swagger amplified by his often tongue in cheek and witty lines (“Bold of you to not say that I’m the male Beyonce…”). The other features on the album are vocalists such as Una Rams, Amarafleur and Marcus Harvey amongst others.

Speaking on his hopes for the album on his website, he says, “My hopes are to make you laugh and bop your heads all the while listening to songs about my real life experiences.”

Listen to Tyson Sybateli’s Home here:

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