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2Lee Stark is back with “Ban Ban”

That he freestyled his verse in studio on the day he recorded it is exemplary. If you’re familiar with 2Lee Stark’s prior work, you’d know that this level of excellence isn’t an anomaly.

After taking time out since his 2018 release with Stephen of Kent, There May Be Wolves, 2Lee Stark is back with a new single “Ban Ban.” It’s the first single off his new EP Whip Test, which will be dropping in exactly a week’s time. The EP serves as a teaser of what’s to come as he plans the release of his debut album.

One of “The Boys”, Lincoln Long produced the single, and is part of the production team responsible for the album. “Niggas lazy like asikho ispani/ And screws loose mese sibhek’ ikhanda/ You should catch some air ngathi upunchwe ityre/ All your little rumours leave a nigga tired” are some of the bars that Stark is responsible for.

Check out “Ban Ban” below.

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