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2Lee Stark Draper

Listen to 2Lee Stark’s Latest Single “L.A.M” Featuring Draper

In preparation for the release of his debut album, entertainer and rapper 2Lee Stark has released his newest single off the upcoming album called “L.A.M”.

Enlisting the services of fellow rapper Draper, the pair go back and forth on the song, as they chant the phrase “like a muhfuckah”, whose acronym is the song’s title, “L.A.M”.

2lee had previously released popular singles such as 2017’s “Off Boyz“, whose remix featured veteran rappers Da L.E.S. and Reason. In 2021 he released “CIMA” and the slow ballad-esque “Sometimes” featuring vocalist Viwe.

Speaking about the release of “L.A.M”, 2Lee says, “I’m excited to release new music again. this the first of many releases I’ll be putting out this year leading up to my debut album.”

Listen to “L.A.M” here:

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