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A-Reece Marcus Harvey

A-Reece and Marcus Harvey Have “Dreams” On New Single

A collaboration that seems to be written in the stars has finally happened. Cult hero A-Reece links up with the incomparable Marcus Harvey, whose own star is rising rapidly. The two join forces on the brooding and contemplative “Dreams”, which finds them talking about escaping in their minds through dreams because of the harsh realities of life.

A-Reece raps, “My momma ain’t raise no bitch, my momma ain’t raise no bitch, where I’m from they raise them sticks, better than they raise their kids, doing what their fathers did, those niggas no longer live, plus momma ain’t raise a snitch…” speaking on how where he’s from, there’s more men concerned with committing gun crimes more than they are with raising their kids. 

Produced by Solo. Sae, “Dreams” May not be an outright scorcher, as most would have hoped when it was being teased the past week before its release, but it is still a formidable song and collaboration between two extremely talented artists. It’s a meaningful song, as heard when Marcus sings, Mind full of dreams ‘cause this shit is part of me…” and it will surely adds to the ever growing and impressive canon of both its creators.

Listen to A-Reece and Marcus Harvey’s “Dreams” below:

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