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A-Reece Jay Jody Blue Tape

A-Reece Announces The Inclusion of “Tuff Luck” on Upcoming Collaboration Album With Jay Jody, Blue Tape

A-Reece and his brother Jay Jody (one half of BenchMarq) are gearing to release their collaborative album Blue Tape on December 10th. The two wordsmiths have collaborated on numerous occasions in their respective careers. Standout collaborations from the two in recent times include the BenchMarq single “No New Friends”, which featured a scene stealing hook by A-Reece, as well as two Jay Jody appearances on A-Reece’s 2021 mixtape Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory (on the songs “The Same Thing” and “The Morning Peace”).
During the second quarter of the year, the brothers teased that a collaboration project could be on the horizon through a series of cryptic social media posts. They proceeded to whet their fans appetite by releasing the single “Tuff Luck” on Soundcloud a few weeks later, which has now been announced to be part of the upcoming project.

A-Reece and Jay Jody have long shared undeniable chemistry, which doesn’t come as a surprise because they are brothers after all. Both are more than capable emcees who can definitely spar with each other lyrically, while also creating memorable music. With a release date set, only time will tell whether Blue Tape will live up to expectations.
Listen to “Tuff Luck” below:

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