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A-Reece Tuff Luck

A-Reece & Jay Jody Drop A Nugget On Soundcloud, “Tuff Luck”

On a random Sunday (four days ago), A-Reece tweeted that it’s been a while since he updated his Soundcloud. While many may have not thought much about this sentiment, it would seem Baby Boy already had something in mind given how today has unfolded on his Soundcloud page. The critically acclaimed emcee connected with his brother, Jay Jody (who is one half of the Pretoria rap duo Benchmarq) and the two released “Tuff Luck”, exclusively on Soundcloud.

The IceMan produced cut is a brusque diatribe delivered on a bed of thumping 808s & claps, enveloped by a Noah “40” Shebib-esque underwater sound effect and sparsely laced piano keys. For the two emcees, it’s just another day at the office as they rap with a haughty energy to scoff at the naysayers. 

Jay Jody raps, “I’m… something like a canvas the way I done brushed up, might fuck up all your plans nigga shut up, me and lil’ bro on a record that’s a thumbs up, trynna get big bucks just to get it summed up, I’m still top tier meaning I’m stuck up, we run the city now we aiming for the World Cup, niggas wanna rap now that’s when I perked up…”

A-Reece raps, “You motherfuckers better hate this, you lucky that you even got to make a placement, you preaching to the choir without a congregation, the shit is not a verse it’s a affidavit…”

When one listens to “Tuff Luck”, they may get a sense that Reece and his big bro are responding to one or two rappers who have been speaking brolic of late. But the manner in which they’re responding also shows that they view whomever it is they’re responding to in a lesser light. There’s a lot of subliminal undertones in the song – Reece blowing dust off and saying “He throwing dirt upon my name ‘cause he washed up…” is one of the many sneaky lines on the record. Also releasing the song exclusively on Soundcloud speaks volume on how they view their supposed detractor. 

Listen to “Tuff Luck” below:

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