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A-Reece Ving Rhames

A-Reece surprise-drops new single “Ving Rhames”

In the aftermath of his Reece Effect tour kickoff in Durban, A-Reece has dropped a new single, “Ving Rhames”. It’s short – coming in at 1:21 – but packs a powerful punch.

Jay Jody tweeted about his brother last week, saying “A-Reece is an incredible musician,guys. So much that he makes it seem very simple & it’s absolutely not.” That is evident, not only in previous offerings, but in this release as well.

He weaves effortlessly between lyrics such as “They tryna put baby boy in a chokehold like Ving Rhames” referencing the scene in Tyrese’s debut role in John Singleton’s Baby Boy where Ving Rhames puts his character’s stepson in a vice grip.

The beat is produced by Michael Tuohy and the track engineered by Zeph Beats. Jay Jody and Ronnii Lombardii directed the video, shot on a Durban beach and starring the rapper’s girlfriend, Rickelle Jones.

The single was released in the run up to his album drop, coming later this month. P2The Big Hearted Bad Guy is the sequel to his debut album, Paradise, and likely has an October 21 release date considering that the earlier work was dropped on that date in 2016.

Currently on tour with his show The Reece Effect, A-Reece is set to head to Cape Town for a sold-out performance at The Hearty Collective on 14 October 2023; and in Pretoria on 20 October 2023. Full line up for both cities will be announced on social media pages in the coming week.

Listen to A-Reece on “Ving Rhames” here.

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