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adidas Originals | Haneem Christian

Courtesy of area3

“This photo series is the first part of an on going project of documenting the never ending journey of gaining knowledge of self, how we come about these infinite discoveries and how we express it. One of the many ways I have come to know my most sacred self as a coloured femme body is via the reflection I see of myself in my friends, those I share love with and the creatives that surround me. This series is about the ways in which we connect with each other and share parts of ourselves without condition, an intimacy that exists beyond any boundary of binaries. It is a soft strength we embody and nurture by sharing of ourselves and seeing the beauty that lies within these moments of care. The infinite reflections of oneself we see in these moments reminds us that to be soft is the greatest strength. A lesson I had learnt when I gained eyes to see myself from my reflection in others.” – Haneem Christian

Photographer: Haneem Christian & Waseem Noordien

MUA: Nubia Silver

Models: Aidan GroenewaldJustin FebruaryThandi Gula & Haneem Christian

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