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Blxckie B4NOW Deluxe

Blxckie Announces A Deluxe Version Of His Debut Album B4NOW, Supported By The Single “Joy”

After the resounding success of his debut album B4NOW released on May 21, Blxckie has announced that he will be releasing a deluxe version of that album this coming Friday, August 13. The announcement came with the release of the single “Joy” featuring Nigerian artist Oxlade. It will  form part of 8 brand new songs added on the deluxe version, taking the number from 12 songs on the original album to a total of 20 songs on the deluxe version.

“Joy” is a love song best described as a balanced amalgamation of trap soul and afrobeats. Blxckie sings earnestly to his love interest, saying “It gets so hard for me to follow your lead , don’t be so hard on me, I’m on your team, well I love you more than you think I do, I’ll never hide my flaws, don’t waste your time if you’re not sure…”. Oxlade then joins Blxckie on the chorus which is sung by both, before Oxlade gets into his own verse, singing “Baby can’t you see, I’m down on my knees? You’re all that I need, your joy’s all I need…”.

With this release, Blxckie continues to show his range and proves that he is not a one trick pony. He is comfortable rapping to fast-paced trap beats, crooning to mellow amapiano instrumentals as well as gliding over soulful trap soul and afrobeats compositions – he does this all with equal dexterity. He is also a master collaborator who has amassed an impressive roster of collaborations in a short span of time. B4NOWDLX is slated to house collaborations with a diverse group of artists that includeS Oxlade, Alone, Leodaleo, Rowlene and Christer.

B4NOWDLX (B4 Now Deluxe) drops 13 August 2021, be sure to pre-add it across all platforms and stream Joy featuring Oxlade now!

B4NOWDLX Teaser here.

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