Cedric Nzaka Dazzles with Latest Portraits

Kenyan born Cedric Nzaka is one of the most gifted photographers operating in South Africa right now. He specialises in incredible portraits that capture its subjects in the most authentic and realest settings. He is currently in Kenya so we asked him to share his latest work in the East.

In his words .. “Gathering growth – I’m home, is a series around my first projects of 2018. Shot in Nairobi Kenya, a place I call home. People sometimes need to be away from the places they grew up to learn not just more about themselves– but also realize there’s so much more to life than the comfortable, familiar cities they are tied to. It is because of photography that I’ve been lucky and fortunate enough to see the world. Coming back home made me realize that it’s not only the landscape that makes my country so beautiful, however what stands out a lot more is the beauty and diversity of the people”

All images were shot in Nairobi, Kenya.

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