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Elaine Right Now

Elaine Sticks To Her Tried And Tested Formula In Latest Single “Right Now” Accompanied By Magnificent Visuals

If Elaine’s music could be labelled, “sad girl music” seems to be an apt description. It is therefore not surprising that on her latest single – the first since signing with Columbia Records – she’s still in her sad girl bag that propelled her to overwhelming success and fame in the past year.

On “Right Now”, she’s lamenting what sounds like a failing relationship on account of a disloyal lover. In the midst of the disappointment however, she tries to be assertive, realising what’s at stake if she were to fall apart because of the relationship. She sings;

“Why did you lie? Why did you fuck with my feelings? Why do you cry when I’m leaving? Why can’t you see that I’m grieving?… I’m in my bag right now, I can’t be in tears right now, I can’t afford to lose right now, it’s all eyes on me right now…”

The Andrew and Elizée produced song bears similarities to previous popular songs like “I Just Wanna Know” and “Say It” in its stripped down and bare soundscape. The drums are heavier and there’s airy percussion that abounds throughout the track, while sparse 808s can be heard tucked underneath. Towards the end of the song, there’s a faint horn that can be heard as it goes to bed.

The music video is a delightful showing, starting off with Elaine sitting sultrily in a dimly lit room as she receives a message from her disloyal lover. She rebuffs her lover, proceeds to go into her home studio, cuts some vocals and later heads out on a ladies night out with her friends. The next day she goes off on her own on a yacht ride, seeing the seas and ends off the day riding into the sunset in a priced vintage car.

Watch the music video for “Right Now” below:

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