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Espacio Dios Pelo

Espacio Dios To Release New Single “Pelo” Next Week Friday

Espacio Dios is preparing to release a new single titled “Pelo” next FridayThe eclectic artist says that the song represents the story of life’s hardships and hope.” “Pelo” will be coming almost a year after Espacio’s highly rated triple release of “Deliverance”, “The Knowing” and “Thlali”, which were all released back in December 2021.

Espacio Dios fans can look forward to new music adding a fresh perspective to the sounds dominating South Africa right now. Speaking on the upcoming release, Dios says, “I am so excited to be releasing this single; “Pelo” cleansed my soul and getting my brother, Maglera to feature on it brought a whole different vibe to it that I absolutely love sonically and lyrically.”

The song finds him expressing his hopes for love, how he wants his potential love interest to know that he is worth opening up to, as well as being vulnerable around, assuring them that he can be a safe space for them to exit their shell. It is complimented with an impactful from the on-form Maglera Doe Boy, who expresses the same feeling in a mono-toned symphony, in his staple languages of Sesotho and Setswana. Speaking on the collaboration, Maglera Doe Boy says, “It feels like home, man. I also related to the subject matter, and sonically it’s just a beautiful song.” 

Visuals for “Pelo” will premiere on the official Espacio Dios’ Youtube page on 2 December. 

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