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Muzi Interblaktic

[VIDEO] MUZI goes full on spacey in the music video for his new single “INTERBLAKTIC”.

Multi-talented artist MUZI released his first single, “INTERBLAKTIC”  from his forthcoming full length album on 5 May 2021. The single is supported by an eye-catching music video that finds MUZI being carefree, occupying an  open space that is meant to resemble the planet Mars, owing to his intergalactic allusions that populate the song and music video.

‘There seems to be a lot of Black people on Mars’ says a preamble voice in the opening of the song, while the rest of the shots in the music video feature beautiful landscapes as well as beautiful close up images of ladies, some mouthing the words to the song. MUZI cuts a lonesome figure in the early parts of the video as he walks the barren lands, clad in a zebra leather uniform of Zulu Skywalker, until he joins a dancer dancing frantically in one of the scenes.

MUZI’s film production entity with Espacio Dios, Clout Killed The Kids directed the video in Johannesburg, and even as he sets off on another interplanetary exploration his love and pride for his homeland and its people are evident.

Listen to the song here and watch the music video below:

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