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Instro Drops Help Me Not Forget Me

Help Me Not Forget Me” is a mixtape by Producer, Engineer & Music Consultant Mr Instro. “Help Me Not Forget Me” was released on Friday, the 10th of March. It is comprised from the theme of not forgetting who you are and where you are from while chasing after your dreams, goals and aspirations. “It is a showcase of where my head is at in the game. We so easily lose ourselves in the pursuit of what “works”, completely forgetting that being ourselves makes us creatively unique and allows us to offer what has never been done before.” says Mr Instro. He felt like he needed to start the mixtape with an extravagant verse from his younger sister Helen on the Intro and end the mixtape with a melodic verse from his younger brother Hope. “Help Me Not Forget Me” includes features from the likes of Reason, Melo B Jones, Tuks, Mothipa, Big Star Johnson and many other talented artists. The project was co-produced by Mr Instro’s producer crew, Hopemasta & Noyas known as The Boyz Upstairs.

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