Interview: Didi Monsta Chats to Us About his New Radio Show

It goes without saying that Didi Monsta is a cool, trend-setting Jozi cat who navigates various worlds in SA’s urban culture scenes. If he’s not inventing new slang, he is styling the likes of Cassper for music videos and concerts. Don’t even get started on his wild fashion label which always pushes the boundaries of what is considered streetwear. Love him or not, the man has undeniable chutzpah and now listeners on Touch HD are also going to get some of his unique vibes.

We caught up with Didi and he gave us the 411 on his new move …

Q: Congrats on the radio gig at Touch HD. Tell us more about it and how did it come about?

Thank you. Well, the Touch team hit me up and they were like we like your vibes, we like your energy, we tryna work with you so let’s do something, something that doesn’t change you but on a radio form with your energy. That’s how the vibes came about. They called me and said let’s come with the heat, let’s come with the temperature.

Q: What can people expect from your show? What will make it different from anything else that’s on the airwaves?

My show is gonna be about lifestyle – like everything I’m really into. Because it’s pointless me talking about something I don’t really know. Obviously it’s gonna be different because it’s my personality and it’s who I am so it’s gonna be my vibes and nobody else is like me so my show wouldn’t be like nobody else’s.

Q: Some people are saying this will be a stretch for you since you’re known for being more of a fashion guy. What do you have to say about that?

I don’t really care about people on social media who are saying this is gonna be a stretch for me, you feel me?! Because I’m a full on artist bro. I can do whatever I feel like doing. And I feel like if God put this opportunity for me then it was for a reason that I was gonna do this radio shits. I did’t wake up and decide and hit up anybody so it’s just God’s blessings that I’m receiving. So I just gotta vibe with the vibes.

Q: What happens to your other hustles e.g. styling, your fashion label? How do you keep those moving in light of your recent job?

For now I’ve put the styling on pause and there’s gonna be a reason why, and everybody’s gonna see it. But for now I’m really chilling, enjoying the vibes. For my brand I’m working on a huge collection but I have to put so much time into it so I’m not tryna rush any process of the vibes.

Q: You seem to be cracking the industry … what’s your advice to the young cats that are looking at people like you and thinking, ‘how do I get on’?

Young cats must just enjoy the journey because what makes them who they are to the vibes it’s like your moments. So I feel like you either gonna be really depressed about being at the bottom or you gonna do something to go to the other side. But then again don’t beat yourself up, just be like, ‘ayt I’m at the bottom, say no more, Gucci. But how can I make things go delicious’. Be positive!


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