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Kwesta celebrates his birthday Reporting Live from Katlehong

11th August is a significant date in the hip hop calendar. Not only is it recognised as the birth date of hip hop – in that Bronx basement when DJ Kool Herc hosted his back to school jam at 1520 Sedgewick Avenue – but it is also Kwesta DaKAR’s birthday.

Da King of African Rap decided to gift his fans with an eight minute long track to celebrate his birthday. Celebrating his and hip hop’s birthday meant getting another emcee extraordinaire on the track to go bar for bar with him. That emcee is YoungstaCPT.

“My head is still in this (w)rap like turban/ Observant, I just don’t fight to keep words in/ Coz’ once you think it you know it all then you stop learnin’/ I’m still picture perfect and I can tell I pose threats from the shots they keep sending/ Kwesta, that’s an adjective it’s not a name/ Let’s be real, everyone tryna’ Kwesta the game”

Stream or download Reporting Live from Katlehong here

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