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Levi’s® Drops Orange Tab Collection campaign

First used on a line of affordable slim-fitting jeans, jackets and shirts, Levi’s® Orange Tab symbolized style and youth during the counterculture of the 1960s. Embracing this past and reinterpreting it for the youth of today, Levi’s® South Africa chose Sydney Davy and William Kuna as the fresh, local faces for the new Levi’s® Orange Tab Collection campaign.

Sydney (Instagram: @sydneydavy) is a model and make-up artist living in Johannesburg, and William (Instagram: @willestilios) is a DJ, producer, model and fashion design student who also hails from the city of gold. Best described as the poster couple of today, Sydney and William are both free spirits who believe that Living In Levi’s® means, “Living freely and doing it in your own way.

Both denim-lovers who use fashion as a tool to communicate who they are, their personal style reflects their own take on blending then and now. “We should never forget the past. We are a product of then, but it is up to us what we do with it and how we make it our own,” says Sydney. William chooses to blend retro into his personal style with jeans, vintage tee’s and modern monochrome pieces, “My favorite piece from the Orange Tab Collection is definitely the white trucker – I’m obsessed”.

Orange Tab 2017 features vintage-inspired finishes along with updated fits and fabrics. A new addition to the bottoms range is a Vintage Kick Flare and a zip front skirt with design features such as patch pockets and additional belt loops. Men’s and women’s tee’s feature Levi’s® logos and prints pulled right from the Orange Tab Archives, while the iconic Trucker gets some Orange Tab touches in the form of Arcuate pockets and zip fronts. “I think the youth of today want to rebel against what people think is normal, no one wants to be the same as someone else. We want to stand out in the crowd and we choose to do that through fashion”, says Sydney and William when pointing out the major similarity between the youth of today and the rebellious denim-wearing youth of the 60’s.

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