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Kid X Moozlie

Listen To Kid X’s New Song “Jukebox” Featuring Moozlie & Lumkokazi

Gearing up for the release of his upcoming album Father of Zen, Kid X has released a new song featuring Moozlie & Lumkokazi, aptly titled “Jukebox” given the party vibes it possesses. The hard hitting Lunatik produced song samples The Dynamic Superiors’ “Happy Song”, giving the soul track a nice Kwaito-centric flip, that finds Kid X at his best with the Kasi flavour raps.

Moozlie adds a welcomed dimension to the song, delivering one of her stronger verses in recent times. Kid X says the following about the song: “Our party culture is fuelled by music and ‘Jukebox’ is really about all that happens at a party. Ematarven eskathini esningi (in taverns most of the time) there is the pool table scenario, alcohol gets served, and usually music is played off the jukebox.  I wanted to capture the South African party culture in one song.” Speaking specifically about Moozlie, he says: “Working with Moozlie is always great. She brings a feisty Kasi energy to the music and this is our third record together. I felt like this record sounds dope as it is, but I needed someone to represent the girls from ekasi who dream of coming up and doing it big. The girls who like to look fly and dress up, put themselves out there in a dope way with a clean aesthetic. Moozlie was obviously the perfect candidate and she knocked it out with a fire verse.”

The upcoming Father of Zen album is now available for pre-order on digital streaming platforms. The album is reported to house Kid X’s reflections on his journey and state of mind as a talented rapper and finds him discussing healing, awareness and mindfulness. It will be a personal and introspective record that allows his fans into his most personal experiences – the birth of his daughter, his relationship with his wife and the experience of fatherhood.

Listen to “Jukebox” below:

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