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Moozlie lands brand partnership with Cruz Vodka

Nomuzi Mabena has signed a new, long-term brand partnership with CRUZ Vodka. The terms of agreement with the brand include a share in the vodka’s profit split per bottle sold throughout Africa of the new variant, CRUZ Manhattan Blossom. With a new season comes a fresh face of the brand, and in her new role as brand partner she’s set on “living life in full bloom”.

Of the news, Moozlie said, “This is like a full circle moment for me. A seed planted over many years has finally blossomed. Cruz Vodka is one of the most forward-thinking brands I’ve ever worked with. From what the team have been able to achieve with AKA to all the exciting things we’ve got planned with Manhattan Blossom, I appreciate that this brand respects the influence & creative genius artists bring to the table. I have no doubt this will lead to more music, more good times, more milestones & more success for the whole team.”

Brand Manager, Kayla Hendricks said of the partnership, “We’re honoured to have Moozlie leading the way both for our brand and for those who will follow the agenda. Celebrating a time of transition from one of the worst Winters we’ve seen – that has little to do with the weather – we look forward to a Spring that poses ample opportunity for positive momentum. May this partnership lead the way for a new season, a new rule, and a new partnership set to Blossom.”

Apart from her work in entertainment, the deal sees Moozlie expanding her business relationships. Speaking to this, she said, “For me, it’s about not allowing your situation or circumstances to box you. It’s important now, more than ever before, to live life boldly & proudly.”

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