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Sipho the Gift Thato Saul

Listen To Sipho the Gift’s Latest Song “Old School” Featuring Thato Saul

Following the release of his Maglera Doe Boy assisted single “Dark Matter”, Sipho the Gift returns with “Old Soul”, featuring Thato Saul. The song serves as the second single off Sipho’s upcoming album LOTUK (Legend Of The Underground King). The Kimberley born rapper plans on releasing the album on 29 October 2021 and reveals that it boasts features from artists such as YoungstaCPT, ASAP Shembe & Aifheli.

On “Old Soul”, he declares himself an old soul who’s bringing that ‘old’ feeling back. The MOJVKI produced cut is a soulful and syrupy sample-heavy beat that switches up with each 8-bar progression, resulting in a chameleon-esque identity. By the time Thato Saul joins in halfway into the song, it sounds like a totally different song from the one you were listening to at the beginning. Needless to say, Sipho does justice to the audacious production of MOJVKI.

Speaking about what compelled him to make “Old Soul”, Sipho says, “When I look at the landscape of local mainstream hip hop, I sometimes feel like no one is making soulful music that’s layered with textured tapestries. That’s what makes my soul vibrate and I feel like as an underground artist that’s where I thrive.”

Listen to Sipho The Gitf’s “Old Soul” here,  and pre-order LOTUK (Legend Of The Underground) here.

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