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Zingah Luna Florentino

Luna Florentino takes on Zingah in new diss track

Luna Florentino took Zingah on with a diss track after the two exchanged words on X (formerly Twitter) this Sunday. Luna dubbed him “Lawd of the Crop Tops” in a scathing response to Zingah’s tweet questioning the Rustenburg native’s writing prowess.

The disagreement stemmed from a discussion on the latest in the Kendrick Lamar-Drake-Rick Ross beef. After questioning the legitimacy of the Drake track “Pushups” that seemingly on social media late Saturday night, the two got into a back and forth before Luna took it to the studio.

Zingah went left with a personal jab, saying “Don’t push us to having to compare YOUR pen to Drake’s 😂 coz that’s gonna get uncomfortable…” to which the young rapper resurfaced a few hours later, diss track in hand, letting Zingah know that he has 24 hours to respond.

“It’s time I get to the chefing, now lets see how the real chop/ you capping on my pen, you must not know that I been sharp” opened up the verse before the myriad of insults that followed. Luna said, “I aint never been dropped by a label, I aint never been demoted to being the n*gga that’s gotta talk about the n*ggas thats currently able.”

The Luna Florentino diss to Zingah was over a Drake beat, off the track “Stories About My Brother”. Luna later said, “I don’t start issues, I show up and I show love. I fw Zingah. But he tried me. He challenged my pen, I accepted the challenge. Nothing personal. 🤝”

The podcast host and retired rapper formerly known as Smashis has yet to respond on wax but has posted a snippet of him recording a new podcast episode.

Listen to the track below.

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