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Maglera Doe Boy Gets Sentimental On Latest Song “Dor Do Povo”

Announcing the release date of his highly anticipated upcoming full length project Diaspora as 2nd September, Maglera Doe Boy has released his latest song “Dor Do Povo”. 

The MashBeatz produced deep cut finds Maglera Doe Boy in a sentimental mood as he paints bleak pictures of the hood. He laments on the hardships the guys back at home face, rapping “You born alone, don’t die alone/ Some people have it really hard, they don’t even got a home/ I know a few, from back at home/ We used to blomma when I was young but now I miss ’em, now we grown/ To never grow is to never know/ You never know until you know/ The highs are in the lows… Where I reside, the homicide/ And suicide is at a rise/ We living in demise/ The politicians is telling lies/ They send the army to the hood but they ain’t there when niggas die…” Featured on the song is Ason, who delivers a fittingly sombre hook to the song.

Maglera Doe Boy has done his groundwork in as far as establishing himself as a recognisable and reputable young artist who makes compelling music. He is one of the few emcees able to chart a path as a lyrical-miracle rapper, dropping nothing but straight bars, as well as being impressively insightful. “Dor Do Povo” falls in the latter category, as the usually technically proficient spitter adopts a laid back tone in order to effectively tell the story of his hood and how the system has failed the Black youth of where comes from. The song is further described in the following manner by the emcees’ team: With each song being linked to the next one, “Dor Do Povo” is the first offering of the album “Diaspora” and it is a 2-part story ending with “The Running Of The Bulls” (which features 25K). Dor Do Povo (aka Povo) is a story of pain of the less fortunate or economically oppressed lives of the common man. The song also asks the question, “will you let your situation define you” which a lot of us tend to give into when faced with troubles.

Diaspora will be released in partnership with Khuli Chana’s My Throne Records and UMG Africa on 2 September 2022.

Listen to “Dor Do Povo” below:

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