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Malachi and Elizée’s “Lavish Lifestyle”

Tanaka “Malachi” Shereni and Elyzée Illunga Mubikay aka Elizée are artists who have been working together and collaborating for more than two years now. The new wave artists decided to join forces and give their fans a glimpse into their lives and the concept of having a “Lavish Mentality”.

“Lavish Mentality” is an ode to the hopes and dreams of affluence and success that many young people aspire too. The 5 Track EP features “The Hills II” their debut single released on the 12th of July and is currently available on all digital platforms.

“Lavish” opens up the EP and sets the tone to the “Lavish Mentality”. The track is all about an above-average lifestyle, a true testament to the EP’s overall feel. The Project ends off with an upbeat and catchy trap track “Mustard” with Malachi on the hook and Elizée on the verse. Lavish Mentality shows of their trap and hip-hop-influenced R&B sound, the perfect marriage between hip-hop and R&B.

The EP can be found here

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