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Manthe Ribane Tony Gum Multichoice

Manthe Ribane and Tony Gum: The Storytellers

Every story has a beginning. Our origins inform who we are and are at the heart of our identity. We are all storytellers, ultimately, and our stories play a definitive role in how we evolve as beings. Africa’s most loved storyteller, Multichoice, is passionate about showcasing them and the artists who create them.

This September, Multichoice holds a mirror to the continent, her people, and their aspirations. They are celebrating five incredible South Africans who’ve made a mark in their communities by telling their stories.

To do this, they’ve produced a series of short films focused on Manthe Ribane, Tony Gum, Zikhona Valela, Mandisi Dyantis and Sanaa Mothabisa. Though they have different mediums, theirs is the overarching story of becoming. For our September issue we’ve partnered with Multichoice in telling these stories. Our cover features Manthe Ribane, a performer, musician, and creative director that has taken the world by storm. We also feature Tony Gum, a visual artist and photographer whose work offers a new prism through which to view contemporary African art.

Their journeys are marked by ambition, inhibitions, disappointment, and determination. However, theirs are the stories of impact and excellence. Welcome to Origins.

Read Manthe and Tony’s individual cover stories and watch their documentaries here.

Manthe Ribane Tony Gum Multichoice

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