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Music Unscripted hosts a discussion on mental health for creatives

With the rise in conversations about depression and anxiety in the entertainment and creative industries, Music Unscripted is back with the most impactful edition yet. Set to be held on Saturday, 12 October 2019 at the new J&B Hive venue in Braamfontein, this conference will tackle the
pressures that creatives face in their respective careers, along with how to handle them constructively.

With panelists such as Gigi Lamayne, Catherine Grenfell, Maraza, Tweezy, and a qualified Clinical Psychologist, Sikander Kalla, the team hopes to make speaking up about one’s mental battles a norm with the hope to eradicate the taboo around such issues. “Part of the reason why depression eats away at our artists is because we deem it weak to admit that we’re not okay, and once we do, we can’t seem to find ways to help ourselves,” says one of the organisers Precious “Spokenpriestess” Nkadimeng. This edition aims to share lived experiences with mental issues along with fostering positive ways to deal with the pressure of thriving in a fastpaced industry.

As the entertainment and creative industries continue to change at a rapid pace, the people in these industries undergo challenges in adjusting, coping and growing in environments that seem to work against them. Music Unscripted seeks to create a safe space to express, question and ultimately understand how mental illnesses impact creatives. “Bring a friend, a notebook, wear comfortable clothes and let’s share ways we can deal with our struggles when we’re feeling all alone in moments of weakness” urges Spokenpriestess.

Music Unscripted will run from 10:00 to 14:00 at 81 De Korte Street, Braamfontein. There is no fee for this edition, just ensure that you RSVP to musicunscripted16@gmail.comwith your full names to be added to the attending list.

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