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Muzi The Temple Need Dat

MUZI and The Temple Pay Homage To Kwaito In Their Music Video For “Need Dat”

Fresh off his out of this world music video for his single “Interblaktik”, Muzi returns with another masterful video for his The Temple assisted new single “Need Dat”.

The song is an upbeat and jovial affair, whose music video is heavily Kwaito inspired, given the dance choreography that is its centerpiece. Six dancers, all clad in identical orange outfits and white chucks occupy most parts of the music video as they dance in insync pantsula style moves.

Muzi and his collaborators, the two-man team of The Temple also join in the merriment of the dancers with dance moves of their own. Muzi spots his signature rolled beanie and leather jacket and pants combo, while The Temple wears white identical outfits.

Directed by Clout Killed The Kids, the stars of the music video are the featured dancers, who are known as Urban Pantsulas. They offer a throwback feeling to the Kwaito music videos of some of the yesteryears’ legendary Kwaito groups such as Trompies and Alaska.

Watch the music video below:

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