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MUZI’s back with his third album, ZENO

Muzi’s been on a quest for world domination recently. Having performed in Switzerland, France, Germany, USA, and the UK, he’s back in SA for the release of his third album, ZENO.

From the name Zenokuhle, ZENO was written, recorded and produced mostly in South Africa with MUZI creating the album’s finishing touches while on tour in the States. The album’s sonics reveal the direct influence of his Kwa-Zulu Natal upbringing. The proudly Zulu artist hails from a township in Empangeni, North of Durban; the place where MUZI first conceived of his place in music. Having soaked up the sounds of the time, he now expertly blends together cutting edge urban and electronic music with local genres like Maskandi, Kwaito, Iscathamiya and South African Bubblegum Pop of the 80s and 90s. 

ZENO includes recent single “Good Vibes Only” featuring one of SA’s freshest talents, Espacio Dios with more singles set to drop, next up being “Phuma (Bad Self).”

Listen to ZENO here

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